Sharing the journey

We are EUROVIA CZ, one of the leaders in construction in the Czech Republic. We have been in the business, acquiring knowhow, for 70 years. Our vision is to combine tradition and our people’s experience with a modern, dynamic approach to building.

We have left a positive mark on hundreds of projects, both small and extensive, all of which make our daily lives better. We specialise in road construction, from motorways to local roads, and in building bridges, railway and tram tracks as well as water management structures. We also revitalise town squares, streets and historical quarters, sports grounds, bike trails and children’s playgrounds.

Protecting the environment

We operate in an environmentally responsible manner. We treasure the environment and diligently implement principles of environmental protection. We take care to prevent pollution and we monitor our power consumption. We work hard to limit the production of waste and recycle as much as possible. In short, we do everything in our power to minimise our environmental impacts.

We are fully aware of our responsibility towards the environment. That is why we make sure we employ in all our projects the most sophisticated and environmentally friendly technologies available to us. In using such technologies, we adhere to all the stringent environmental standards in place.

Occupational health and safety

We strive to create a working environment conducive to achieving a zeroed accident rate among all persons present at our construction sites. In line with the belief that people are the greatest asset of any business, we ensure that our employees enjoy a safe and friendly environment to work in.

We value our skilled and motivated employees, knowing that the combination of commitment, ingenuity and hard work will enable us to achieve success in our endeavours.

Acting responsibly

We are also well aware of our social responsibility. As a good corporate citizen, we support a range of sporting and charitable projects, including activities of the Czech wheelchair curling team and the Rozhlédni se! (Look both ways!) road safety project for children, to pick out just two of the projects.

Our employees are also generous supporters of our foundation Nadace VINCI, frequently offering it their support by volunteering. The foundation primarily supports people at risk of social exclusion. We also support numerous other charitable projects that deliver meaningful assistance where needed.

We are part of VINCI Construction CS, the biggest construction group in the country


years in the business


projects completed every year



We are duty-bound to uphold the tradition and legacy of those who went before us. We are proud of both the projects we realise and the fact that our company is a member of VINCI Construction CS, the biggest construction group in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Group is active in all areas of the construction industry – from transport to civil engineering. The Group builds essential main highways, railway and tram lines, sports grounds, urban complexes, water management structures, residential buildings and industrial facilities. It also renovates historical buildings. VINCI Construction CS employs more than 4,000 people and completes some 1,800 projects every year. It operates as a member of the international VINCI holding.

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